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My name is Nancy
Welcome to my home page. I want to thank the many people who helped me to make it as well as Tripod for giving the space. Thanks bunches! Some of the sites don't work at times, and I update as time permits, so please vist again.

This page is dedicated to my mother who has passed away but lives on in spirit For articles and photos about her, please scroll down.

Many more sites and photos will be added, as well as what I am all about as a person uh oh.

OKAY!!!! I tell you a little bit about myself. I'm all about:

Here are some of my favorite Love Songs
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Devoted To You

All The Way

Husbands Love Your Wives

Pillow Talk

Because You Loved Me

The Lady, Her Lover, Her Lord

If That's What It Takes

Kiss And Say Goodbye :(

Just Want You To Know

Sweet Jane

Endless Love

Let It Be Me

Never My Love

Vision Of Love

Falling In Love Again

Where Is HaShem (God)?


Below, you will find some of my favorite sites. Whether they may be site of places I lived at, things I've done, or pages and sites of my friends, (especially about my BEST friend Yeshua (Jesus), and HIS Land--Israel, I am sure you will find somethething you'll enjoy! I update whenever time permits, so please be patient. If a site doesn't work, please let me know. Thank you!!
I'm on the web since June 98 I was born and raised in Germany. But I now live in the city of the "Hurrying Hoosiers" basketball team and their former (in)famous , Bobby Knight.

Good Knight Old Friend

For all you John Mellencamp fans.. you have to visit. He's one of our 'home-town boys' along with his beautiful wife and often on our campus Listen to one of his albums

"John Cougar Mellencamp"

(Thanx Scott :)

"The Outlaw John Dillinger" Another (in)famous, (almost) 'home-town' boy

"Red Skelton Remembers"'Red' was another famous 'Hoosier' from Vincennes Indiana

Have you heard of the movie:

with Dennis Quaid and Daniel Stern (from 'Home Alone') It was filmed right here on our campus and is all about the

IU's 'Little 500' Race. The video is for rent at any video store. Guess who was in it :)

Yours Truly

Some of my favoured Real Audio Sites

Tons of Music Sites


Although Christmas is over, the following Site is too great to delete. It was created by Mike, one of the talented people at RANG and a precious friend and brother. Thank you Mike and God Bless


Check out Mike's newest site with an awesome collection of contemorary Christian music. Good job Mike!


Music Heaven (Thanks Lisa :)

Sergio & Barb's Real AudioThis site has over 2000 songs

How about some good old fashioned Doo Wop :)

"50's Doo Wop"

60's Rock N' Roll SelectionThanks DX

Pat's Real Audio AlbumHard to find RA's

Larry's Real Audio Thanks Larry

Next, one of my best friend's music site. Make sure to visit her interesting homepage as well.

Penny-Lane's SongbookThanks Penny :)

If you're a Blues lover, the following site is for you

~Just Blues~

Thanks Ray :)

The following site with lot's of Classic Rock was created by my dear friend Susan. She, like our friend Penny writes marvelous poetry.

"Susan's Real Audio" Thanks Susan :)

"Retro Underground Music Site"

"I SH_1's Real Audio" Great Page!

"Soul Mates Real Audio" Great Site ! Thanks Patrick :)

For all your Classic Country lovers, you will love the following site (For Contemorary Country music check Ish_1's site)
Classic Country

Turbos & NeptuneFor all you Oldies fans. Thanks Tymer

If you love Elvis, the following site is for you.

Artist Of The Century

More Elvis


"Woodstock 69" Don't some of you still remeniss about the 'Flower Power' Era ?? I know that THIS will be the site for you :)

"RapidRay's Fabulous 60's" Thanks Ray :)

One of the best sites I've seen

"DX-Gemini's House" Thanx DX

Here are Movie Sound Tracks, also by DX.

Soundtrac ks, Inc.

"DX's Oldie Pages" Thanks DX

"The Sanctuary" A great site for 'Classic Rock' and 'Oldies' Lovers.

Matthew's Music Room Thanks Matt and April

The Jukebox

Country Jukebox

Bob Dylan..Songs & Lyrics

If you love Oldies as much as I do, you love the following site. It has also every single and CD by the Beatles

Bill's Audio Page

"Phantom's Music Page"

Cou ntry King's Audio Page

Theresa's Real Audio

"Sites Galore" All you need to check these out, is a month or so :)

Virtual Free Music

This Site is just awesome! Thanks Jason

"Rock ~4~ Jesus"

This Christian Audio site is my 'All-Time-Favorite'! You've done it again Mike! Thanx brother :)

"Faith World Real Audio"

"Christian Real Audio"

Chris tian Midis #2

The Mother of all Midi's Page

Karoke Heaven

For help check out these sites: (Thanks David :)

"Glimmers Page"

And of course, the 'One and Only' "Draacs" Thanks :)

"Stumped with WEBTV questions" ? Ask SKAT1. Skat is not only a member of NET14voice's editorial staff, but also one of my best friends. Luvya SKAT


Nancy's World

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Worldwide Discussion Groups

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Worldwide Radio Stations

~ MY LIFE IN AMERICA ~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

My sweet friend Linda made the following site for me, as well as to honor my dear mother and all of my family. Thank you my friend and sister from the bottom of my heart and in behalf of my Mother Hugs and hugs!! If an advertisement show up, hit your back browser! Also, please check out her site on your left, titled: 'Penny-Lane's Song Book' and her interesting homepage). Knowing Linda's golden heart, I am sure she also thought of the untold souls who for the last 200 years arrived at the shores of this beautiful Country called:


The United States Of America

The American Anthem

Visit a newsgroup in YOUR state. (For webtv users only)

United States Newsgroups

Fort Jackson, SC: Where I went for combat training...

The Army National Guard: I was there also. Want to join?

Here I am at Ft. Riley at summer camp after shooting the 10-inch Howitzer. I'm holding my ears! Sheesh, this thing was loud even with earplugs.

Indiana University : Where I studied

Hoosier Times

(Our Newpaper)

Indiana Weather (Blech!!!)

"Indiana Webtv Site & Newsgroup" An org of 'webbies' from my state. Why don't you start one in your own state. It's so neat to meet fellow webbers from your neighborhood and have 'get togethers'

As a 'Hoosier' I pride myself to live in the state of the famous...

Indy 500

Visit Indiana

Where I live now


Below is even a better site a friend of mine made about our town

"Bloomington, Indiana"

~ WHERE I'M FROM ~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


Live Radio From Europe Where I listen to the News from Germany


The German Anthem

This is me


Another picture


One more? Okay! Here it is. (For more you have to look at the albums the bottom of my page. New ones will often added)

You Better Watch It! :)

And this is my song :)


My voice and a 'personal' page is coming soon

My native country

Meet Coburg Germany The picturescque medieval town where I grew up.Owned by Prince Albert, husband of Queen Victoria, refuge to Martin Luther , and the home of Knights long ago. Visit the castles and Fortresses in Coburg, and the surounding Bavarian-Frankonian areas. PC users, you may want to watch one one of the videos on this site.

Read about the connction of

Coburg & Great Britain

German Midis

10,000 German Songs

"German Cookies" Try some of these sweet delights. Your 'Sweet-Tooth' will never be the same

How about a german dinner ?

"German Entrees"

"Prince Albert of Coburg and Queen Victoria" painted in 1842 by Heubeline

"The Royal Family" Also painted by Heubeline in 1846

Alexandra, the german Princess, daughter of Albert and Victoria who later became the 'Tzarina', (the Empress of Russia) also often spent time in Coburg. the home of her father. Read about her

"Alexandra, Empress of Russia"

Aren't German Castles beautiful? Coburg has seven and the 'Mighty Fortress' (called 'The Veste') overlooking it all. It inspired Martin Luther, who stayed at Coburgs Fortress to write the famous hymn: "A Mighty Fortress Is Our God" to which Johann Strauss, who secretely married his Jewish bride in Coburg, wrote the music

More German Castles

German castles where you can stay....I did

Castles of Great Britain

Castles of Scotland

The following page is from my friend Billy, who lives in the Highlands of Scotland

Billy's Slightly Scottish Homepage
Great page Billy :)

Castles of the World

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German Archery Clubs

"German Fencing Clubs"

USFA (United States Fencing Association)

"Fencing Online Guide"

Medieval Reenactment Societies

Medieval Studies

World Wide 'Live' Radio click on the country of your choice

"Christian Radio Online " click on any station

"Zeitungen" Online Newspapers and Magazines from Europe

~ WHERE MY HEART IS ~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Heart For Israel

Heart For Israel Internet Radio

Is God Done With The Jews?

Where Is HaShem (God)?

One place we can be assured of...He is ALWAYS with Israel and His People!! Baruch HaShem!!!! (Praised be His Name)

"The History Of The Jewish People"

The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

The Current Conflict

The Myths of the Middle East
(Written by a Born Again Christian Arab)

What does this all mean in light of Bible Prophecy?

Endtime Magazine

Are These The End-Times?

Maybe you've read the book "Questions About Prophecy You Always Wanted To Ask", and found his biblical answers quite fascinating. Especially about the anytime Rapture (so when I'm missing you know where I went :) and of course now all about Israel and what will soon happen there, as Israel is the 'time-clock' of the world

Prophecy Q & A Online

"Are You Ready For The Rapture"?
(It could happen any moment)

Read what the world's most respected Prophecy sholars have to say about the time we live ia. Are we living in the time of earth' final hour? Read and decide for yourself. It's updated daily. Make sure and click on the links as well

"Prophecy Central"

Where is God's heart in all of this?

God's Heart For Israel

ISRAEL": (Virtual Tour) I LOVE Israel ! Come and travel with me through the Holyland and walk where Jesus walked and will walk again. SEE the places where all the things you read in the Bible happened and will yet happen and when you're done, please

and ask God to:
Have Mercy on Israel
and God will bless you, because He said so.

Please sign up with the

"Jerusalem Prayer Team"

As you do, remember the following

PEACE 'WHO' do you think this might be ? :)

Check out the beautiful sites and sounds and learn about the

"History Of Jerusalem"

The following site is in honour of the sons and daughters of Israel who daily risk and often give their lives for their country. Please pray for them! Am Yisrael Chai!!!!

Israeli Defense Forces

Have a

Heart for Israel

And send a

Cheer to the Terror Victims

The following website belongs to David Dolan, a author and CBS journalist, stationed in Jerusalem, Israel. It is constantly updated.

David Dolan

Proably everyone knows of Hal Lindsey, the famous author of the now classic "The Late Great Planet Earth", for weeks on the bestsellers list at Newsweek, New York Times etc. It can still be seen at Ben Gurion's (Israels first Prime Ministers) room opened. (Everything was left just as it was when he died)
Hal, a Christian and lover of Israel is often quoted in the Jerusalem Post and american papers. You may want to watch his show "International Intelligence Briefing" every Thursday evening on TBN and other stations, where you get not only the news from the Middle East you don't see on TV news, but what everything means in light of biblical prophecy. Check out his daily updated website

"Hal Lindsey"

Read where Hal gets his sources from, (besides the Bible :)

(Both use the 'Debaka Files')

The Tribulation & The Antichrist
(aka "Jacob's (Israel's) Trouble', the 'Final War of Gog & Magog' and the soon to be revealed False Messiah). Scroll down on page for other related subjects.

The following site is from other 'Germans FOR Jews" :)

"Germans For Israel"

(Please click on english text and the other 'german links')

The following song was recorded 'live' by a young Israeli girl Yael Shomerin the 1967 6-Day War in Israel over Jerusalem and it looked as if they (Israelis) would lose, but than God is stil the God of Israel and God of all who wouldn't let this happen. Israel not only won that war, but got Jerusalem back after 3000 years just like God promised. This song is in Hebrew and means 'Jerusalem of Gold'. If you ever stand on the Mount of Olives like this young lady who did and looked down to the Holy City, you would see her as if painted in Gold.(zahav) I did and never will forget this sight. And now......

"Jerusalem Of Gold"

Take a pictorial tour through the Holyland. Click on any area at the Israeli map, and see what it looks like today

Pictorial Trip Through The Holyland

Israel's Anthem "Hatikvah" (Hope)
Please NOTE ! This is not only the Anthem, but also has origional sound clips from the liberation of the Holy City of Jerusalem and the Temple Mount, since 3000 years ago, when King David made her the capital of Israel.
What you hear is, are the sodiers who are standing at the "Wailing Wall", Judaisms holiest site and the "Temple Mount" where the Temple stood and will again.
These soldiers you hear are singing the Anthem, "Hatikvah" which means "The Hope"

"Sh'Ma Yisrael"(Hear O Israel) This is also a version with sound clips of the liberation of Jerusalem and the "Wailing Wall" (or 'Western Wall) which stands on the Temple Mount.
You hear the 'Shofar' (the rams horn), which was blown everytime there was either something of importance for the Israelites or when a Feast, such as Passover was about to begin. It is still practiced today and we will hear it at the Rapture.
You hear the word 'Via Delarosa', which is the 'Roman' word for "Way of Sorrow" It is the street on which Jesus carried the cross from Pilates Judgement Hall (on the Temple Mount) to Calvary.
You also hear "Baruch Ha Shem" which means 'Praise the Lord' or really 'Praise the 'Name". (There is no 'other' Name, by which we are saved :) Hearing this brings tears to my eyes every time, not only because it's drama, but that God DOES keep His promises ! He said:
"I will gather them from the four corners of the earth and bring them again into into their OWN land" (Israel). The whole world tried and still tries to to take it away, but who is 'Man' to stop God :) The very existence of Israel with Jerusalem as her Capitol again after Thousands of years in the Diaspora is proof of God keeping is promises to His Chosen People

"City of David" See and read about this city of the 'Great King' of Israel, (King David). Read about the Temple, the 'Ark of the Covenant' and 'see' why God said: "I put my NAME there FOREVER" and called it HIS city!

Here is the 'live view' of the Western Wall (or Kotel) that changes every 30 seconds and shows what time it is in Jerusalem at the time you view it.

"Western Wall Live Cam"

"The Temple" See where the Salomons Temple was located and where the Third Temple will be build. You may listen to the people who have found the locations and to those who are planning to re-build the Temple shortly and why. Click on Real Audio. Again, if the site shows up blank, hold down your Cmd key while tapping your R key several times

Take a cyber tour through the 'Temple Institute' and if you ever visit Israel, make sure to visit it in person. It is located right outside the Wailing Wall. The function of the institute is, to re-create all the tools and priestly garments for the soon to be rebuild Third Temple in which Messiah will live.

Temple Institute

"Virtual Time Travel through Jerusalem" See Jerusalem from the time King David took her to the time of King Herod; through the time of the Crusaders until today. ( click onto a 'face') You may want to start with King David (bottom middle) Again !! If the site turns up blank, hold down Cmd key while tapping the R key several times. PC users can hear the audio

"The Wailing Wall"This is Judaisms holiest place, but also Christians come here from all over the world. I was there in 93 with my mom as guests of Zola Levitt. It was here where he filmed my mom for his TV series: "They tell it on the Mountains" (for that particular show Mt. Moriah aka 'Temple Mount'). You may want to email him and ask him to repeat that show on TBN, Family Channel etc. You find his address at his site

Mom and Zola

Below is a photo where the first show about my mom was filmed in Jerusalem

"Tell it on the Mountains" TV show

The Jerusalem Post wrote about our trip. You find the headlines in the JP's


Just enter my or my Mom's name, click on the second button and 'search'.

Here is another one in front of Chief Rabbi Shlomo Goren's Office across from the Western Wall of the Temple (Mom in the purple and me in the blue dress) Our orthodox friend Avraham (sitting) is looking on. Producer Ken Berg on the left. Crew members and Zola in the middle. Israeli Producer Yoram Milo in front.

Filming at the Temple Mount

The next photo (I add better ones soon), shows me and Israeli Captain Chaim, who was in charge of security

Captain Chaim

The following photo is taken from the show Berg Production filmed in memory of my mom and shows her and Zola Levitt

"In Memory of Cecilia Rexin"

Israel's Prime Minister, Ariel Sharon and Zola Levitt at Mr. Sharon's farm in Israel

Zola and IPM Ariel Sharon

Zola & Benjamin Netanyahu

Zola's Website

Jew and Gentile alike are putting their papers with prayer requests into the cracks of this wall according to I and II Kings. You can email a prayer to this place. It will be printed out and entered into this Wall within hours. Try it!
This place is the most awesome sensation to see this ancient place where God Himself stayed with His Shekena Glory and where the Messiah will live for Thousand years.
The Golden Dome you see is the 'Al Asqa', an Arab Mosque. It stands today on the very place where the Temple stood and where Abraham was about to slay Isaac. This place is actually on Mount Moriah (Exodus).
The gates on your left lead to underground tunnels which end at Golgatha . Going through them you will see scores of rooms and vaults which the 'Levites' (Priests) kept their storage etc. A Rabbi told recently on TV that he had looked into one of the closed to the public chambers and seen the 'Ark of the Covenant'.
The tower on your left is another Mosque or 'Mizzurine' built on top of 'Davids Tower'. Behind all of this is the 'Mount of Olives', where the Lord will 'touch down' at His return. (Zechariah 9-14) I am planning on doing a whole page on Israel and what everything means, so keep visiting this page :)

"Tunnels under the Temple Mount" Take a virtual tour of the labyrints of tunnels under the Temple where Rabbi Goetz said, that he and several others have seen a secret room with the 'Ark of the Covenant' in it.
The Ark contains the Tablets of Moses where God wrote the 10 Commandmens on it at Mount Sinai, as well as Aaron's Rod and a pot of Manna which God gave to the Israelites in the wilderness on their travel from Egypt to the 'Promised Land'. (Read Exodus)
Also, be mindful, that the Temple stood and will stand again on the exact site where Abraham was going to slay Isaac (or Yitzak..which means 'Laughter') Again, if the site turns up blank, hold down the Cmd key and tap the R key

The International Christian Embassy in Jerusalem Thousands of Christians come here from over 80 countries to celebrate the "Feast of Tabernacles" or Succot....( Jesus REAL Birthday ). The Bible sais, when the Messiah has returned everyone HAS to come to Jerusalem to celebrate it for Thousand years....Since the Bible also sais that the re-gathering of Israel started the count-down to His coming, Christians are getting 'ready'...if you ever go to Israel...go for that...you'll never forget it !!!

If you love Israel as I do with so many others, visit (and sign up as a member) with Virtual Holyland

If you love Israeli music, you'll love the following site

Jewish-Israeli Music Station
(Click on any album to listen to main song)

Israeli Folk Music

Jewish/Kosher Cuisine

Learn the Hebrew Alphabet

Hebrew Alphabet

Her is a bit of tourist information, should you decide to travel to the Holyland

Travel In Israel

Virtual Holyland

"Christian Friends of Israel" Listen to the audio and check out these marvelous sites. Be a friend to Israel either according to Isaiah 62:1 or just because it is the right thing to do.

The following site is one of my favorite sites ever. It's not only a ministry in Jerusalem, but has the most informative magazine, which both, Jew and Gentile will enjoy.

Bridges for Peace

Radio Israel

Israeli News Wire News around the clock from Israel and all the Middle East Countries.

Israeli Real Audio (just click on any album)

"Jewish Midis "

Israel Online This site has also a link to a 'live' Radio Station from Tel Aviv..NOTE !! If the site shows up blank, hold down the Cmd key and hit the R key a few times...this works on every site that does this

How about listening to 'live' broadcasts from this 'Pirate Ship' floating off the coast of Haifa. The Haifa harbor is the entrance to the "Valley of Armageddon" Ask me about it.

Arutz 7

"Kol Yisrael" This is about the most awesome site !! (courtesy of Skat1..Thank you Skat :) Check out the audio and links. If you're a 'Friend of Israel' like I am you will just luv this site. NOTE ! If the site shows up white, tap your R key several times while holding down the Cmd key

The following is an excerpt of a book my 'hassidic' friend Abraham wrote about Jesus and the Talmud and in Kaballah (Jewish Mystisim)... Madonna studied Kaballah. The Talmud along with the Mishna is a Rabbinical book where 'Torah', the Five Book of Moses' are 'explained' by Rabbis and Sages. A Hasid is a 'ultra orthodox Jew who wears black clothes, having beards and side curls
Some of you may seen 'Stranger Among Us' with Melanie Griffith playing a cop who goes 'underground' to solve a crime comitted in the hassidic neighborhood of Brooklyn. Abraham is one off those 'Men in Black' as I often teasingly call him (I will add better pictures soon) He lives in Brooklyn thought I met him in Jerusalem, Israel as he was one of the onlookers while mom was beeing filmed at the 'Wailing Wall' and we became friends. Obviously, we have differences in our beliefs. However; we respect one another for what and how we believe and have great and interesting dialogues.


Thank you Abraham. May HaShem Bless you and yours. May Moshiach come speedily and may you sell Millions of copies :)

"Jesus and the Talmud "

Bible prophecy in view of current events by the best known Bible Sholars.

What is the rapture?
(disappearance of believers in Yeshua), Why and When?

The Rapture

WHO is


The following is the most exhausitve chronology of the Rapture, (disappearance of belevers), Tribulation, Jacob's (Israel's) Trouble, and the Return of Messiah

Countdown To Armageddon & Beyond

Jack Van Imple Prophetic Ministries

Zola Levitt: Check out his videos. His producer made three of my mom and.. guess who :) on location in Israel and another as a tribute to my mothers memory. Watch his shows every Monday morning on TBN and Friday morning on Fox-Family Channel. Check your time on his TV scedule in his site.

TBN Trinity Broadcasting Network (also often called "Praise he Lord" Program) Watch for me at the regional (the Midwestern Tri-State) and at the International out of Anaheim this fall. I keep you posted..(And please pray for that :)

Below is a photo of one of my appearances at TBN during Channukah. (From left to right) 'JR', one of the camera men, Rabbi Yochanan Benham and Matt, the sound mixer and in front of these gentlemen 'Yours Truly' :)

"Hannukah at TBN"

Here is another picture of me from that show

"At TBN"

Great news !! An offer has just been made to turn the book into a movie. (Pertaining articles and pictures below) Please pray for and with me that everything will go smoothly and will do my mother proud. I keep you posted.

~ MY FAITH AND MY JEWISH ROOTS ~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Our Jewish Roots What an awesome site!

Germans For Israel

I know you love this one :)

Christian & Jewish Links

Christian Zionism

Be sure to take a look at this site by 'another' Nancy, who appreantly has a love for the Jewish peole..I just luv that name :)

Nancy's Jewish Links

"Holyland Mall"
(No! I don't get paid for this! Just trying to help out due to Israels losses in tourism)

"The Galilee Experience"
(The owners are personal friends of mine)

"Come To Zion"


"Israel's Cities"

Jewish Signs & Symbols

The Jewish Feasts and it's Christian Meanings

The following site has scenes from the Jesus movie in Real Audio. Just click on a story.

~ Jesus ~

The Disappeareance of Believers in Jesus, also called the.....

"The Rapture"

What Happens AFTER The Rapture
Scroll down after logging onto each prophecy

The following site is absolutely awesome! Sign up for your free six months subscription. (I can hardly wait for my next issue)! Learn everything about Israel. Why should you? Because Israel is the 'Time-Clock' for the whole world!

Israel My Glory
(Sign up for their free magazine. One of my favorite)

"For Zion's Sake"

"The International Messianic Jewish Network

This site has most of their Syanagogues and Congregations throughout the world. There is one in your neighborhood. Visit..and see how Messianic Jews worship. Check out the sites and learn all about Israel, the Jewish Messiah, and your 'Jewish Roots', and remember Jesus is Jewish, and had it not been for 12 'Messianic Jews', (his disciples) and Paul (another Jew), we'd all still be heathens, not knowing God, the Bible, the Savior and wouldn't know how to get saved for all eternity, as it was they who brought it all to us!

I know you just love this

Messianic Jewish & Christian Link Page

And before you send me an email that Jews killed Jesus, you better study 'Roman History' 2000 years ago. Better yet, read

A Study Of Isaiah 53 ~ The Suffering Servant

where you learn it was God who offered up Jesus, or Yeshua, his Hebrew name. (Yeshua means 'Salvation' and Christ 'Messiah' or Annointed One'.

during the days of Jesus They call Him Yeshua, His real Hebrew name). Join me at their conferences. I promise you won't be the same after you leave.

You'll love this!

Messianic-Jewish-Israeli Links

Messianic Jewish Worship Music from Jerusalem

Live Christian Worship Music

"Christian Worship Music"

"Our Prayer Closet" ....Where my friends and I post our Prayer Requests and Praise Reports. Need a prayer ? Ask us and we will lift you up to the Lord. He loves you

"How to stay out of HELL and go to HEAVEN"


You Never Know

When you leave this life

If you said this prayer and meant it with all of your heart, yet have doubts about your salvation (and you will at times) or people (or the 'accuser' will whisper in your ear that Jesus is not able to save you, should you 'slip', the following site is for you.

"Can I Lose My Salvation"?

The Lord promised us to NEVER leave nor FORSAKE us, because He is the great:

"I AM"

Who is Jesus?

"The KJV Bible"

Adultery? Anti-Christ? Apostacy? Family? Relationships? Yes! It's all in the Bible! Just click on a topic

Biblical Topics List

KJV Topical List

"The Jewish Bible" All Bibles come from the same source, except this edition has all names in the origional Hebrew language

"Who is the Messiah" ? This beautiful site with graphics is written in both, Hebrew and English

Messianic Prophecies

"Bible Search" Just enter a word or a phraase you remember from the Bible and it will show the whole verse and chapter from any edition and in any language you chose


If you don't feel like reading and rather someone read the Bible for you, you will enjoy the following

"The Audio Bible" Please hold down your Cmd key while you tap your R key should this site show up blank for webtv users

"Our Christian NG" Visit us, post a question and/or see it answered. We welcome all, even those of other faith's. However; be respectful, as you expect to be respected in your news group.Any profanity will be reported...

My Mother and the Holocaust ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

~ My Mom Cecilia Rexin ~

My Book (about my Mom): Excerpts will soon be added.

Check out Reviews At Amazon , as well as at Barnes & Noble Reviewsand read the commentaries by some who have read it, including a 16-year old, who shares how it has changed her life

While there, check out the books of my compiling editor, Mark Shaw. His latest is

"Miscarriage Of Justice"
(about the trial of Israel's Spy Jonathan Pollard. He wrote hearing about Mom, made him aware of the 'Jewish Struggle. Mom wasn't even Jewish but I (and I'm sure she would) thought it to be a profound statement. This is what her work was, and now mine is all about

"Good Luck & God's Speed", Mark!

Write your own review at: Borders

PLEASE NOTE!!! I just have been notified by Borders, that they merged with Amazon, as well as Waldenbooks. I often send a book to my friends; however, before you ask me to send the above, you may want to wait for the edited reprints. Email me for details and explanation. Thank you!

Please watch for my upcoming books: "A Survivors Child", "Letters", "Why do the Jews...Why do the Gentiles", "Shadows" "He Still Lives", A DVD (tenative title to be anounced) and 2 TV childrens videos, I write for Berg/Duc
kman Production (tt will also be anounced shortly) as well as a sequel to the book about my mother.
For more pictures and articles, check out my photo albums below

Here are a few articles on my mom and the book:

"The Diary"

"The Holocaust Remembrance Day"

"The Book is out."

"My first booksigning at Barnes & Noble"

"Moms Dying Wish"
Having been liberated from the camps by the americans, moms last wish was to die an american.
Senator Luger and Dan Coats (who 'gave the title to the book through his remark, that moms life was a 'Testament to Courage') along with our Congressman speeded up the procedure so she could see her wish granted before her death. The Officers of the INS came to her house as she was too ill to travel.
Interesting too, the Judge who swore her in, who also happens to be a family friend, witnessed as a little boy HIS german mom beeing sworn in. So this was quite a moment for him in more than one way. This is only the first page. You can read the whole article in her photo album.

"The Night of the Broken Glass" Hitler's 'Final Solution' for the Jewish People is about to begin.

My mother becomes involved and joins the 'Underground'. Betrayed by her 'Best' friend, she is captured by the SS and sent to prison for interrogation and torture, but she won't reveal and betray her friends and comerades, nor those dear jewish souls they were able to rescue and she as sent to the death camps.

"Aushwitz" One of the death camps my mom was in

"Ravensbrueck" The camp where mom wrote most of her diary on which the book is based on".

"Holocaust Museum in Jerusalem" This is the place where I saw my mom break down for the first time. I shall never forget it either. I saw only the photos and surviving memorobilia. She saw and lived the real thing...

Holocaust Links

" The Source" This was Who my mom looked to and what kept her alive and sane in the Death Camps

And the Promise for her and her comerades

" The Hope "

Corrie Ten Boom was in Ravensbruck with momYou may have read her book or seen the movie based on it, called: "The Hiding Place"


Schindler's List

"ANTI-SEMITISM" What is 'really' behind this hatred of the Jews and Israel

Mom and Me This portrait was taken the day she found out she is going to die

This song is dedicated to my mother

" For You Mom "

A picture of me

The photo album below does not work anymore, as photopoint 'closed it's doors' without notice (after collecting $$$ for their services. I am working on building new albums, which will appear when they're done, so keep checking.Thank you :)

Photo Albums

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